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  1. Bank of Baroda-24/08/2011 New Delhi(written Exam-17/04/2011)
    4 sir, 1 mam.

    Intro + background.
    Why bank?
    How ur B.Sc can help bank?
    U have strong maths then tell me how AP,GP, HP can help bank?
    Using any bank account?
    Facilities through saving acnt?
    What is plastic money?
    Facilities though debit card?
    Do u have debit card?
    How can u convence customers towards ATM cards?
    Can u work outside Delhi if post u there?
    Thanku , best of luck.
    5 mints duration

  2. Hi all,
    today i faced Allahabad interview(clerical). Venue-New Delhi
    there were 3 sir n 1 mam in Panel and duration was approx 15-20 minute for each candidates.
    Questions are…
    Your Name.?
    intro + background
    why bank?
    What is bank
    what is money laundring & black money?
    Functn of RBI, its governor.
    CM of westbengal, from which party. Phle kya thi.
    Family of potato?
    What is platform n book called in hindi.?
    What is UID number n How will it help bank.
    Diffrnc bw hardware n software.?


  3. I have attended the Central Bank of india , Clerk interview on 24th July at Patna. I am already working as a cashier in Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank(UBGB), so they asked almost all questions related to my current Job.
    1.) tell ur role & responsibilties in ur current bank job
    2.) Who is chairman of UBGB?
    3.) How many Branches in ur Region
    4.) Why u want to leave UBGB(as UBGB is incorporated by Central Bank)
    5.) Do u have any problem there, if yes then which type of problems?

    Good Luck everyone 🙂

  4. Hi all, I am Sneha Shikha.
    I attended interview on july 22, 2011 Patna in Central bank for clerk. I want
    to share my experience with u all those who are going to attend interview in forthcoming dates.
    There were 4 members(3 Sir & 1 Mam) in the interview panel and duration was 7 to 8 minutes.
    they asked..
    1.What is old name of Myanmar?
    2.Rajgir is famous for what speciality
    3.Patna is sorrounded by which three rivers.?
    4.The Path of Sone River
    5.Rajgir was capital of which Samrajya?
    6.formula of methane & Ethane(my gradutn paper is che)
    7.Chemical Name of White Tutia
    8.Water in Rajgir is hot always, why.??

    All the Best to all of you.

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